Don’t stead the past, be positive, believe in the future.

Bee Clean is all about removing, cleansing the dirt, germs, impurities, etc.... off our bodies with nothing but 100% natural

Ingredience. Aloe Vera, was a gift from my mother when I first moved out of the house onto a sailboat. This aloe plant was very symbolic to me as I said that if I couldn't keep it alive. I could never be a mother, at the age of 18. But then my aloe plant had babies and when I moved to Europe I gave it to my mother and she had it for decades. 

Photography was my first passion in arts, but at the moment in my life soap making came into my life was threw a search to be creative again. 

At that time photography wasn't an option because I didn't have the means to buy a professional camera, now I happen to have recieved one.

I first tried making epoxy art quickly learned I am a pretty messy artist. Messy and sticky, not that fun for being creative. 

Then thought maybe candles or soap. I had tried candles and it didn't do much for my creative juices.

So so gave soap a try, creating soap from scratch has become a wonderful journey to use my creative flows and keeps them going with new ideas all the time. I truly love making soap that will make others happy with silky soft skin. Bee clean with Aloe is my looking forward, positive and believing. 

A dream is a wish without a plan. 

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